Golf Performance & Fitness

Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) is a world recognized organization that focuses on how the human body functions in relation to the golf swing. The TPI screen is a series of tests that assess a golfer’s mobility and stability. The detailed results of the screen will determine how the body’s movement might affect the swing mechanics, in turn causing missed shots, decreased power and distance, and potential injury.

At Wave Physical Therapy, Dr. Jaime Martuscello is TPI certified, Medical Level 2. Her focus is helping golfers understand how their body moves in relationship to the swing mechanics. Working with Jaime, a golfer will begin to move freely through the swing and have longevity in the sport without injury.

What can Wave PT offer me as a golfer?

  • TPI movement assessment performed by a TPI Certified Medical Level 2 professional.
  • A unique and individualized exercise program will be developed based on the TPI movement assessment results. 
  • A physical therapy evaluation may be performed to determine if other modalities are needed to help reach optimal level of mobility and efficiency in the body.
  • Additional sessions to continue to address movement impairments and strength deficits to improve overall golf performance. 
  • Collaboration with your team of golf professionals to help improve your swing mechanics, increasing distance and accuracy on the course.